The Maine Ingredient

If you have ever enjoyed a meal on the water, you have probably heard someone say “its always better on the boat”.  If you haven’t had the experience, trust us, its true - it really is better!  The Maine Ingredient featuring Annie Mahle, as “The Galley Chef,” is a one of a kind food show that combines a great chef, wild and scenic surroundings, and comfort food all served up on a classic wooden schooner.
  Set aboard the incomparable backdrop of a wooden schooner plying the rockbound coast, The Maine Ingredient is not simply a television series about food, its a story about sustenance; more than a series about cooking, it’s a story about context; more than a series about place, it’s a series about connections.

The Maine Ingredient depicts the intersection of food, people and place and how one element is inextricably linked to the other.  The Maine Ingredient shares the stories behind our food sources, where it is raised or grown and by whom, where we share it and with whom.  It’s a series about one of America’s great mythic places as seen through the prism of its food culture.

Today, Maine is at the epicenter of the authentic food movement.  It’s something we grew up with and the country is moving back to.  With little fanfare, Maine is the bell wether of a growing trend towards local, accessible food sources, actively trading efficiency for intention.  Buoyed by its vibrant local food growers, The Maine Ingredient showcases Maine’s role in the farm to table movement, its defining emphasis on native ingredients, local food artisans and the traditional role that food plays in building and sustaining community.

Food columnist, boat captain and queen of the galley, Annie Mahle is a professionally trained chef, published cookbook author, food columnist and food celebrity with many television appearances to her credit including “The Today Show” and “The Food Network”. 




More than food, it’s about sustenance, more than cooking, it’s about connections

“The people who grow our food, who raise the livestock, and who fill our markets, whether that’s the Amish cheese makers from New Sweden or the third generation family farmers in Lubec...they all have a place at our table.”

- Annie Mahle, The Galley Chef